Thursday, 4 April 2013

Aussie Macadamia nuts

During the Easter, I visited my partner's parents. They have a Macadamia tree. The tree seems to be quite healthy and produces good quantity of fruits. Often you get Macadamia nuts from the shops for more than $30 per kg. 

Macadamia is a native Australian fruit. It is crunchy like other nuts and has a little sweet and creamy taste. Yumm

Here are the home grown Macadamia.

And here is the old nutcracker bought 20 years ago. 
It takes a lot of effort to get the kernel.

We visited Yarramalong Macadamia Nuts Farm. The grower told us that it takes 7 years before the tree fruits. We tried to buy one of the nutcracker for the nuts grown at home but they were sold out :(.

The new nutcracker they have looks like this. It takes no effort to crack the nuts with this tool. We have to wait for them having the stock again.

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