Thursday, 11 April 2013

DIY: easy Sleeve Ironing Board

How to make a sleeve board?

I always want a sleeve ironing board. I got lucky the other day when browsing stuff in an op-shop and found a old and dirty sleeve board. It give me the wood board and the metal leg so I don't need to cut them myself.  But if you can't find one, HERE you can find out how to make them your own.

Step 1. Here are the materials your need:

  • the board and the leg (on the left in the photo)
  • Webbing tape 
  • Calico (or other cotton fabric) 6 inch width
  • Staple gun
  • 5mm thick foam sheet 

Step 2. Cut calico to the board. You need the a piece for the top cover but another piece for the back cover. Also cut form to the shape of the board, allowing 1.5 inch away from the edge of the board.

Step 3. Staple the back fabric to hold them in place.

Step 4. Fold the top fabric and the foam to the back of the board. Staple as you go.

Step 5. Trim off excessive fabric.

Step 6. Fold the fabric edge inward and staple.

Step 7. Staple the webbing tape to cover the edge of the fabric.

Step 8. Screw on the leg.

Dah Dah. It's done.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Aussie Macadamia nuts

During the Easter, I visited my partner's parents. They have a Macadamia tree. The tree seems to be quite healthy and produces good quantity of fruits. Often you get Macadamia nuts from the shops for more than $30 per kg. 

Macadamia is a native Australian fruit. It is crunchy like other nuts and has a little sweet and creamy taste. Yumm

Here are the home grown Macadamia.

And here is the old nutcracker bought 20 years ago. 
It takes a lot of effort to get the kernel.

We visited Yarramalong Macadamia Nuts Farm. The grower told us that it takes 7 years before the tree fruits. We tried to buy one of the nutcracker for the nuts grown at home but they were sold out :(.

The new nutcracker they have looks like this. It takes no effort to crack the nuts with this tool. We have to wait for them having the stock again.

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