Saturday, 5 November 2016

Burda 03/2015 #118: Piped Dress

I have made a few things that I haven't blogged about over the last couple of years. Now my blog is catching up with my sewing. This dress is one of them. I started making this dress in mid 2015 and finished it  at the end of 2015. Yep... that's a more than a year ago.

So I here present the Piped Seamed Dress from Burda 03/2015 #118. I initially wanted to use this project for the Burda's Ultimate Member Model Challenge in April 2015. But the lazy me did not finish it in time. Then came winter, so I put it aside for six months. I decided to finish it in summer late last year.... It could be a long story but finally I am putting it up.

I used only 1.5 meters of light-weight floral drill (120cm wide) for this project.

It felt like a breeze to wear this dress out for a coffee with friends on a sunny warm day.

I also want to mention that I went to some wood working class this year and make a stool. It's perfect for sitting at my cutting table which is higher than a normal table so it doesn't hurt my back. 

We adopted a cat in March this year. Cloud has brought us so much joy. I love to feature him in my photos, although he is not friendly toward photo shooting :)


  1. What a beautiful dress. The piping makes all the difference, such a nice touch


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