Tuesday, 6 November 2012

DIY: easy and budget Thread Rack (part 2)

Following up my post yesterday, I spent almost a whole day on my first DIY project and it's almost finished. So far it looks exactly what I want it to be - picture below.
Near finished
So I go straight to the steps:
1. (optional) Paint the particleboard and dowels. You can ignoree this step if you don't care about the colour and appearance.
2. Position the holes to be drilled on the particleboard. You need to find out the vertical and horizontal spaces between columns and rows of spools. I mark the positions in inch in an Excel sheet. Mark the position on the board with pencil.

3. Drill the holes. Make sure to use the correct drill bits for the dowels. This is a very tiring part
I pre-drilled with a small drill bit to make sure correct position. You can ignore that but directly drill on the board with a bigger size drill bit.
Below picture is the small pre-drilling holes.

 5. (optional) Seal the particleboard edge with Iron-on Melamine Edging.

4. Insert dowels into the holes with glue. For normal spool, I cut the dowel to 6cm. For serger spool, I cut 10 cm. For bobbin, I cut 3cm. I need hammer to punch them in. They fit very well in the holes. Make sure the dowel doesn't come out on the other side of the board.
 5. (optional) Paint the tip of the dowel and touch up the whole piece.
6. Last but not least, clean up the mess :(
I am in the middle of organising my sewing room. Hopefully I can post a photo with the new thread rack in my sewing room :)

Update: Here is the picture of the rack with thread spools:

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