Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My new baby Bernina Aurora 440

I have been using the Brother BM-3600 machine since I first started sewing. I never used any sewing machine so I was no judge on whether it's a good machine or not. But as I sewed more and more, I was having more problem with the Brother. First, it couldn't run through thick fabric, for example, when I tried to alter my jeans. Then it makes pucker when sewing thin or slippery fabric. I thought all the sewing machine would be like this unless it's a industrial one. I was so despaired that I stopped sewing for a while.

But recently I got a bit bored and started picking up sewing again. This time I read what people are talking on forum. Now that I know more about sewing machine, I think maybe I should get a new one. Other people have very expensive sewing machine like those costing a couple thousand. I went to a store and asked about the Bernina sewing machine. The store person kindly grab a Bernina 440 and give me a demonstration. Wow. It could sew through layers of denim, perfect stitch for thin fabric. I was so surprised by the quality and capacity of a sewing machine. But it's a bit pricey. They quoted me a price of more than $2000. I said I would think about it. But actually I decided to look for a second hand one.

Lucky for me. There was a used Bernina 440 with Embroidery Module on eBay. It still costs a lot compared to other brands, but I decided to buy it. It didn't let me down. It sews everything perfectly. I love sewing more. I never found sewing more fun before. It's the best thing I ever bought. Here is the glimpse of my baby.

I am looking forward to making more beautiful pieces on this machine.

For those who are hesitating whether to get a Bernina, no need to hesitate because you won't regret having one.

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