Sunday, 5 May 2013

Butterick 5603 dress

This is another popular pattern by Butterick. I bought the blue flower print fabric cheap from a warehouse a while ago. It's supposed for quilting. 100% cotton. I am happy with the fabric and the pattern overall. Here are the pic.
The skirt is easy to make. The only challenge is the neck bank, specially the v-neck at the back. It took me long time to figure out how to sew. I took some on the v-point.

I think I need to do more research on how to sew v-neck band. I am thinking it may be a good idea to attache a collar. But I have not make a collar ever, so I think I should do some projects with collar first.

The armhole is a  bit too small for me, even though I cut size 10.

I learnt how to sew lining on this project. Lining is so good. It makes the garment more comfortable to wear and looks more professional. It takes a bit of effort on the slip stitching the lower edge. But it's worth it.


  1. I saw your lovely dress on Burda Style and it inspired me to buy the pattern. Thank you.

  2. It's a very good pattern. I really like the way the skirt flares and the darts around the waist. Good luck with it.


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