Sunday, 26 May 2013

Craft / Sewing Caddy (sewing bag)

Every sewist should have a sewing caddy (sewing bag) for tools and notions. I made one today based on the instructions from Sew It All February 2013 Issue. 

The caddy has inside and outside pocket. I made it from blackout curtain fabric I got for $2 per meter. It turns to be quite sturdy. It measures 5 inch (14 cm) wide and 11 inch (28 cm) long for the base and 7.5 inch (19cm) tall. 

This is the first hand carrying bag I made. It’s simple but not quite straight forward. It has lots of stitching, mainly because of the top stitching. I used my vintage Bernina 740 Favorit. It is a semi industrial machine so it runs through the heavy weight fabric effortlessly. 

Here is the sewing caddy. 

And here is my Bernina 740 Favorit. I adopted it from an old lady who owned it since 1960's. It costs a small fortune to get it fixed. But this semi industrial machine is perfect for heavy weight fabric. It just run five or six thick layer effortlessly. 

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